Source - Firenze

.MGX at SOURCE – Self-Made Design Exhibition

Art history meets contemporary art with the arrival of .MGX items at the Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, the beautiful 19th-century neoclassical villa, in Florence. Amniosya, the design team and i.materialise 2013 Designer of the Year, invited .MGX to showcase their Gamete.MGX by Xavier Lust, One_Shot.MGX by Patrick Jouin and Lily.MGX by Janne Kyttanen during their SOURCE exhibition. The exhibition, running from September 11 to 18th, 2014, is intended to spark the audience’s imagination by featuring pieces that give insight into the possible future scenarios of production, with .MGX pieces demonstrating the potential of 3D printing. 


Nick Ervinck at Dr. Guislain Museum Gent

Nick Ervinck’s Materialise-Printed Sculptures Exhibition at Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent

Artist Nick Ervinck has an exhibition running until August 31st at the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent, Belgium. Drawing inspiration from plant and human mutations, his NOITATUM series experiments with 3D visualizations and printing to uncover organic and genetic manipulation. Many of his pieces in this exhibition are 3D printed by Materialise, and his other 3D-printed sculptures can be seen in his new book GNI_RI_2014.


21st Century Lighting Design - Alyn Griffiths

.MGX Featured in 21st Century Lighting Design by Alyn Griffiths

What influences have impacted contemporary lighting design? Alyn Griffiths sets out to answer this question in 21st Century Lighting Design, his survey of the most outstanding and original lighting products created since 2000. We were pleased to see that .MGX was included in it for two of our pieces: the Fall of the Damned by Luc Merx and the Lily.MGX by Janne Kyttanen.

Alyn even mentions .MGX and .MGX’s parent company, Materialise:
“Belgian company Materialise has pioneered the development of additive layer manufacturing through its creative division .MGX, which regularly commissions designers to create experimental products that help to promote the benefits of the process.”

We are very excited to be included in such a comprehensive book on 21st century lighting!


Dezeen and Daniel Widrig

Materialise Collaborator Daniel Widrig featured in Dezeen

Dezeen has become an influential architecture and design magazine and blog since its launch in 2006, so it is little surprise that they had a feature on Daniel Widrig in a section called “Dezeen and Mini Frontiers”. Daniel’s art is on the frontier of art as it uses interdisciplinary tools and practices, and he designs a wide range of items from wearables to skyscrapers.
Daniel is no stranger at .MGX and Materialise: he has cooperated with Iris van Herpen on the “Escapism” dress and has designed clutch purses and necklaces for the Materialise World Conference 2012. He has also collaborated with Materialise when he designed a piece for Nike’s exhibition “The Art + Science of Supernatural Motion”.
Can you spot the pieces in the video on which Daniel collaborated with Materialise?


Units - Design im Netz der Teile


Module.MGX Tables Showcased at “Units – Design im Netz der Teile” in Münster, Germany

What are the individual parts that make up a pattern and how do they fit together? From March 15th to May 31st you can see a visual representation of this at the “Units – Design im Netz der Teile” exhibition at Sparda-Bank in Münster, Germany. A few of the Module tables, a .MGX piece by WertelOberfell in collaboration with Matthias Bär, will be on display at this exhibition, sitting among other high-profile designer pieces. Based off the Fractal.MGX coffee table, the design is a study of geometry and nature, starting at the base with strong branches that eventually split becoming delicate twigs that form a dense tabletop. This table truly shows what is possible with 3D Printing, as the table would not be realized in this form without this technology.

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