ROOT CHAIR root chair

Root Chair
The design of this chair takes its cue from Asian root furniture where “found” natural tree roots are skillfully adapted into furniture – each one unique, beautiful and functional. The Root Chair project represents a large family of related chair forms rather than a single design. Each chair is digitally “grown” with variable parameters that adapt to each customer’s desires and conditions. The Root Chair is the largest 3D printed item of furniture made in one single piece.
Root Chair Root Chair CE
size: 181.8 x 60.6 x 96.1 cm

colors available


Designed by

Kol/Mac:   Sulan Kolatan and William MacDonaldKol/Mac: Sulan Kolatan and William MacDonald

Sulan Kolatan and William J. Mac Donald are both graduates of Columbia University in New York where they have been teaching architecture for more than ten years. In 1988 they founded their office KOL/MAC in New York City. ... read more